Green Screen Photo Booth Hire

Green Screen Photo Booth - Three Different Types Available

Green Screen Photo Booth

Our Greenscreen Photo Booth features 'greenscreen' technology that inserts a picture background behind the subjects of the photo.

The most basic greenscreen mode is 'Fixed Greenscreen'. This provides 1-4 different backgrounds to the photos without giving the user any choice. This is ideal for themed events, corporate events such as a award nights where you can have a branded background, or promotional events.

If using the photo booth in fun booth 'Seven Theme' green screen mode your guests can choose their preferred background theme from the touchscreen menu themes of 'Disco Fever', 'Around the World', 'Hollywood', 'Beaches', 'Under Water', 'Mystery' or even use the green screen to insert just a traditional booth curtain. Each theme has a different background for each of the four photographs it will take. If required the 'Mystery' option can be set to contain four background images of your own choice.

If the above isn't enough for you then we can offer, at the same price, probably the most advanced green screen photo booth system in the world with the 'Green Screen Dream Machine'! This features a huge range of modes for your guests to choose from via the touchscreen menu, together with so many print layout and background options there are over 900 combinations! Modes your guests choose from include: 

Green Screen Booth
Users select from 10 different themed greenscreen photo background sets which super impose different themed backgrounds behind each shot

3D Green Screen Booth
Users become immersed in a choice of 10 themed background and foreground images putting them in the heart of the action and interacting with the themed images

Around The World
Travel to the 7 continents of the world with beautifully themed greenscreen sets including Europe, Africa and America

Time Machine
Travel back in time from Ancient Egypt and the Age Of Piracy to The Wild West and Prohibition with carefully created greenscreen themes

Big Edz
Your head on a diddy funky body with a choice of 5 different themed sets including Big Head Babies, Super Hero's, Outer Space, and Muscle Beach

Magazine Covers

Become the star on the cover on a choice of 'spoof' magazines. Party hard in 'VIP magazine', become the gossip in 'THE BOOTH', the star on the cover of 'POP HITS', the headline of 'Millionaire Magazine', or the feature bride and groom of Wedding Magazine.

Click HERE to see some samples of the brilliant Green Screen Dream Machine print layouts and backgrounds.

Above is the touchscreen of the Greenscreen Dream Machine photo booth from which your guests choose their background themes and print layouts.

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