Terms and Conditions of Photo Booth Hire

Quotes, Deposits, and Payments

All quotes are valid for 28 days and are subject to availability. We do not hold dates without a completed booking form. Once the booking form is returned and the invoice issued you have 7 days to pay the deposit to confirm the booking. If the deposit is not received the date will be freed up for other enquiries.

If you wish to pay the balance by cheque payment must be received and cleared 14 days prior to event. Payments by bank transfer, credit or debit card payment must be received at least 7 days prior to the event date.. 

Space and Access

Our equipment can only be used indoors or inside a totally waterproof marquee that has a solid, flat, and level floor. Between 1st October and 1st May marquees must be heated. We cannot set up under garden gazebos or similar.

The magic mirror will need a minimum overall operating area of 9x4ft with a height clearance of 6ft 10in. The selfie pod requires a minimum area of 6x4ft although the bigger the space the more people you can get in the photo.

If the venue is not on the ground floor lift access must be provided as we are unable to move the equipment up more than three consecutive steps.

We must be able to get the van delivering the equipment to within 50ft of the venue entrance. We're unable to wheel the flightcases over grass or gravel as the wheels sink in.

It is essential that the above requirements are met as without we’d be unable to complete the booking but the hire fee would remain payable.


The set-up and running times will be agreed at the time of booking. Any time lost due to delays in us gaining access to set up caused by meals or speeches over running or anything else beyond our control that delays set up is taken out of the booked running time and the finish time will remain as originally booked.

We will always allow extra travelling time incase of traffic delays but cannot be held responsible for delays beyond our control.

Power Supply

We will require a 240 volt mains electricity supply which should be within 50 metres of the equipment.  If you are planning to supply electricity from a generator please contact us in advance so we can ensure that you are aware of the correct generator specifications required.


If you have to cancel your booking for any reason the following terms apply:

More than 28 days notice then you will lose only the deposit paid.

14-28 days notice then a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total hire fee will be due.

Less than 14 days notice then the full charge is payable unless paid within 5 days of cancellation when it will be reduced to 75%.

Where a change of date is requested we will, where possible and subject to availability, transfer your booking and deposit. However, where we have no availability on the new date the original booking will be deemed as cancelled and the regular cancellation terms above will then apply.

The new date may incur additional charges if the date changes from a mid-week to weekend date, or from an off-peak season date to peak season.

Damage to Equipment and Safety of Staff

In the event of behaviour of guests that could affect the safe running of our equipment, risk damage to the selfie pod/mirror, props, or other equipment, or rudeness or threats to our staff we reserve the right to immediately cease use of the equipment and remove it from the event. In this instance the hire fee still remains payable in full.

The customer is responsible for any damage or loss caused to the booth, or it's accessories, or props by their guests.

If we feel that due to excess alcohol someone is unfit to participate we reserve the right to refuse them access.

In all circumstances our attendants decision is final.


Please note that we are unable to take on events open to the general public in pubs, bars, and nightclubs and do not take on evening time student or young farmer events.