Video Message Option

The Deluxe Photo Booth has the optional extra of video recording so your guests can record a personal message to you. However, it's not suited to all events so please consider the following before deciding if it's an option you'd like.

While the green screen backgrounds are fantastic for photographs they don't work with video. This leaves you with three options if you want the video message options:

I) You go without the green screen photo backgrounds and have a traditional cloth curtain background in both photos and videos.
II) You have the green screen backgrounds for the photos which means the background to the video will be the plain green background sheet.
III) You split the session so part of it has the booth set with the green screen and part with the cloth background. However, this invariably means some guests will miss out on one or the other depending on when they decide to use the booth.

Video messaging can greatly slow down the turnover of guests using the booth as they'll record their video, play it back, maybe then decide not to save it and re-record it, then have a photo session. From experience we've found that the number of photo sessions will reduce by around 60-70% when the video messaging is also included. Because of this it's worth considering how likely and often you are to going to watch the video messages after the event compared to flicking back through photos. In a lot of cases it may be a better option to have a duplicate set of prints and guestbook where your guests can write a message to you alongside there booth print.

The above is not aimed at putting you off video messages and for some events it's a great option. However, it doesn't suit all and as we want you to get the most out of your photo booth booking we like to give you all the pro's and cons up front.